Unique and Tailored Approach

127 Place seeks to empower the local church to successfully fulfill God's calling in our lives.  We do that in a number of ways.  Our goal is to help each part of the local Body of Christ find it's unique path to serving orphans locally or globally.  


Making a Difference

Determining what is the best plan for your congregation is something we do best.  We'd love to help you find out how God has uniquely shaped you and your congregation for serving the vulnerable.  Let us know if you would like to work on that together!


Our Local Community

We want to empower the church to support, mentor, disciple families in crisis.  As a preventative option before foster care, this is a powerful tool for keeping families together.  We believe all children do best in the context of the family unit, with the Body of Christ as support.  This rich investment affects every member of those involved.  What a dynamic way to change the lives of families for generations.


A Unique Approach

Do you have families in your church who are adopting or fostering?  Do you feel God's calling to get involved in the lives of children who are unable to live with their families?  We can help your church find an approach that is right for you or get connected with churches who are already supporting those families.


Life Unlimited

We partner with a struggling orphanage in the rural Guatemalan countryside.  Children are available for sponsorship, and we take trips annually.  We would love to help your church harness your passion for international missions and get plugged in to helping children and teens find a meaningful relationship with Jesus, as well as build life skills and help children avoid trafficking, prostitution and other dangers of aging out of an orphanage.


Creating a Village

We have a vision of creating a community for special needs kids aging out of foster care, providing daytime care to keep special needs families together, and provide an alternative for families other than an institutional setting.  This village of homes with small ratios for adult to children is a tremendously rich project for mission-minded churches, and those with a heart for special needs, to mentor, disciple and redeem children.


Better Together

One of the primary goals we have as a ministry is to help churches, agencies, and advocates network and find their strength in working together.  The Body of Christ is meant to work in harmony together, and its light to shine brightest when we are doing the work of walking with the vulnerable.  We enable this networking through conferences, monthly chats and creating an environment where we lay down what divides us and stand together.


Engaging the vulnerable in our community

CarePortal is website platform that allows vetting agencies, such as the Department of Social Services, to post the needs of those with whom they interact.  This allows a rich opportunity for those of the Church to respond to needs within our very community, to build connections and strengthen their families.  We can keep families together, prevent children from entering foster care, support children aging out, and provide tangible hope to a community without any.


An Annual Conference for those who serve

Orphans and Vulnerable Children

The annual conference brings together experts across the globe to inspire, engage, and equip believers for the work ahead.  We hope that regardless of your current involvement in orphan care, that you will leave encouraged and equipped to go forward in orphan care.

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