Locally & Globally

Each of our programs is a way to make a difference in the lives of orphans, vulnerable children and families.  We long for the Church to join together to bring the light of Christ to the hurting world around us.


Meeting local needs to bring the light and love of Christ to vulnerable children and families

CarePortal is an online platform that connects vetting agencies like the Department of Social Services with participating churches.  As families are struggling and have needs, social workers can enter those into the platform and local churches can respond.  By responding, if offers us the chance to show the love of Christ and build relationship.



Giving dignity to children with special needs

This program is still getting off the ground, but our goal is to help keep kids with special needs in families.  We have a number of strategies that involve helping kids exit the orphanage system, as well as strengthening families who would like to keep their special needs children, but who might otherwise send them to the orphanage.



Transitioning children from the orphanage into adulthood

Worldwide, children who leave the orphanage are at extremely high risk for homelessness, incarceration, abuse, trafficking, drug dependency, and more.  We work with individual children as they age out of the orphanage to help them get job training, attend college, find housing and establish themselves as independent adults.



Wrapping around children and families during crisis

Safe Families is a program that incorporates the different giftings and strengths of volunteers.  We create a circle of support around a family as they are going through crisis to help them get through this temporary period stronger than they were at the beginning.



Because we're better together

We fully embrace that the Body of Christ is not restricted to a building or denomination.  We love to gather together from across the Valley to connect, uplift and support one another.  We do this with our monthly chats, our annual conference, and our coffee nights.



Helping families with vulnerable children thrive

Taking in a child from a hard place does come with challenges.  We are so proud and grateful for each family wrapping around these children that we want to do everything we can to ease that challenge.  We have conferences (like annual our OVC Conference), trauma competent caregiving classes, adoption and fostering 101 classes, as well as coffee nights for men and women.

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An Online Boutique Store

When you purchase items from our store, 100% of the profits go directly to supporting 127 Place.  At the store, you can purchase items that are fairly traded or made in the USA.  These items make fantastic gifts for yourself and others.  Thanks for checking it out.